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I arrived at the north marsh entrance gates earlier this week, and decided to shoot a video of my day on the marsh. The footage was shot handheld with my DSLR camera – it’s a bit shaky, the runtime is around 25 minutes, and it covers a period from 10am to 5.30pm. Hopefully, this post shows elements of north marsh habitats in greater detail than is possible through stills alone. I hope you find the… Read More

It’s another blisteringly hot sunny morning on the path to La Boite 67 bar at the port of Paphos. The only insects I’ve seen on this route all week are a lot dragonflies and a few bee-like flying creatures. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a macro lens on holiday with me, so I used my nifty-fifty lens again to photograph the Cypriot Dragonflies.   Yesterday I saw a man struggling past the port… Read More

I came across this dragonfly on my way down to the port in Paphos this morning; in fact, there were lots of them flying about. Seeing the dragonflies reminded me of Mike Averill, a Wilden Marsher and Worcestershire’s dragonfly recorder, so I snapped this through my cheap and cheerful nifty-fifty lens for Mike in particular. I’ll take my macro lens with me tomorrow.

  The end of the growing season is not far away. Last week I walked the marsh prioritising work that needs doing when I get back from holiday and throughout autumn and winter. Thick alder and willow scrub has grown to heights in excess 3 metres in places this year. Himalayan balsam needs pulling in the middle wood this month. I’ll use the cattle to eat the balsam in the Rhombus Field… Read More

It can be a mistake for people with or without historical knowledge of a site’s uses to assume too much about its current value. The number of people living around Wilden Marsh that think the area is an under managed industrial wasteland surprises me. People have long memories and will often recall the dark days of industrial dereliction and misappropriation of lands along the Lower Stour Valley. Thankfully, the days of heavy… Read More

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