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Sunrise: 04.46 Sunset: 09.33 The cow in this image is up to her shoulders in vegetation,  but the vegetation is stinging nettles. The cattle are eating the Himalayan balsam in preference to nettles and grass.

Sunrise: 04.48 Sunset: 09.30

Sunrise: 04.48   Sunset: 09.30 The cattle started eating the river pasture Himalayan balsam today, but they quickly found a large patch of new sweet grass eat first. I have complete confidence that the cattle will soon polish off the balsam in this pasture.

Sunrise: 04.51 Sunset: 09.24  

Sunrise: 04.51 Sunset: 09.24 The Shetland Beauties! Yes, the Shetland cattle have consumed all the Himalayan balsam at the north end of the swamp. The first image shows the cattle grazing the west bank of North Pond on my way past this morning. The second image shows the north end of the swamp, alongside Hoo Brook, which would now be swathed in 3 feet high Himalayan balsam if the cattle had not… Read More

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