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Sunrise: 04.56 Sunset: 09.31  

Sunrise: 04.56 Sunset: 09.31 The youngsters take a break from balsam eating this afternoon,

Sunrise: 04.52 Sunset: 09.34 We don’t want your thistles, nettles and grass. We want Himalayan balsam! We are mad for it! If you don’t get us more balsam, there WILL be trouble. Be warned!   

Sunrise: 04.52 Sunset: 09.34 It is said that cattle are not selective grazers; they are on the marsh where Himalayan balsam is concerned, to the exclusion of all other vegetation until the balsam is eaten – which I have to say I’m pleased about. I would like the balsam eaten as soon as possible. The Riverside Pasture is free of balsam for the time being, but is now chockablock with thistles and… Read More

Sunrise: 04.50 Sunset: 09.35 (9 images. Click to enlarge) Being short of time yesterday, I wasn’t able to search out the cattle, so I went down to Hoo Brook Pasture today to find them. As yesterday, there wasn’t a sign of them when I arrived and the amount of balsam eaten had not increased either. I found and walked down a cut in the dense wall of nine feet high balsam that… Read More

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