The Wilden Marsh Blog


The marsh cattle are in the forefront of my mind at the moment with the balsam beginning to show, and they being my main weapon of attack; they are also very loyal and effective¬†volunteers. Walking past North Pond yesterday evening, I saw the bull at the gate looking rather bored and depressed. He might be a bull, but he is certainly not boss of the marsh¬†herd; they are tough cookies. I think… Read More

The image below is of Fox Hollow at the northern end of Hoo Wood. It looks beautifully green, but the wood floor is carpeted with 400mm high invasive Himalayan balsam; it will eventually grow to a height of around two metres. The marsh cattle have been on Himalayan balsam eating duty for a while now, and they are chomping away in the Riverside Pasture as I write this post. We will move… Read More