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Herons on Wilden Marsh yesterday.

I photographed herons at the heronry this morning, from the North Pasture. The nearest nest was around 140 metres away on the island. It’s difficult to see some of them. I counted twelve nests, each with a heron sitting on eggs. There are more nests that I can’t see, deeper in the heronry. I can hear the herons clacking and see them flying to and from their hidden nests.

My camera traps are recording as much people activity as wildlife on Wilden Marsh island at the moment. Although people carrying high powered air rifles have not been recorded over this Christmas period, I’m concerned that the situation might be about to change. I expect Santa has delivered air rifles locally which might be used to target the island’s herons, as was the case this time last year. I’ve stumbled on a few shot heron… Read More

With the trees greening up, the herons are difficult to see at the heronry now. I shot this image this morning from the riverbank, 150 metres away from the nests. These were the only herons I could see, but I could hear a lot of beak clacking from other areas of the heronry. I stood in the mud at the outlet of the North Pond Chain into the River Stour, which is a very sticky place… Read More

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