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Sunrise: 07.38 Sunset: 04.12  

Sunrise: 07.38 Sunset: 04.12  

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01 This little fella was pecking away at the top of the north marsh lightning tree, on the east bank of North Pond. He knew I was waiting at the bottom of the tree for him to look down at me, but he wouldn’t. My arms ached with the effort of keeping my camera and 500 mm lens pointing upwards. I whistled and shouted, but he totally blanked me…. Read More

4th March 2012: What will be happening in and around the marsh badgers’ setts during  March? Well … the first thing to note is that the marsh badgers’ cubs will be born this month, if they haven’t been born already. Usually monogamous, the boars might mate with the same sows for life. A sow will, typically, give birth to between one and five cubs at a time. In large setts, dominant sows have… Read More

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