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Sunrise: 06.20 am   Sunset: 07.57 On Friday I photographed grasshoppers on the marsh. After 2 hours in Hoo Wood and 6 hours on the marsh, one of the highlights of my day was a blood covered face and hand: I accidentally squished a tick, or bloodsucking fly that had attached itself to my eyebrow. It’s amazing how many things a few fingers covered in fresh blood can come into contact with,… Read More

Sunrise: 05.46 am   Sunset: 08.42 pm If fried grasshopper were on the menu today, a few sweeps with the sample net would yield enough of the little critters for a very decent fry-up. It must be grasshopper day on the marsh, because they are everywhere. Just walking along causes them to scatter in all direction; they crawl up my legs, over my cameras and just about everywhere else. I’m sure grasshoppers… Read More

Sunrise: 04.53 am   Sunset: 09.34 pm

  July 2012: I think this is a Large Marsh Grasshopper.