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Sunrise: 05.00 Sunset: 09.28 The cattle are doing a great job, but they are not clearing the Himalayan balsam in Hoo Brook Pasture as quickly as expected. I think the problem is the high rate of balsam growth –  now 12 to 15 feet tall with 3″to 4″ diametre stalks, in places. Also, new balsam shoots are growing vigorously from the bare earth shaded by the earlier balsam growth. So the cattle… Read More

Sunrise: 04.56 Sunset: 09.31

Sunrise: 04.56 Sunset: 09.31  

Sunrise: 04.56 Sunset: 09.31 The youngsters take a break from balsam eating this afternoon,

Sunrise: 04.52 Sunset: 09.34 We don’t want your thistles, nettles and grass. We want Himalayan balsam! We are mad for it! If you don’t get us more balsam, there WILL be trouble. Be warned!