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I have 5 camera traps out on the marsh. Mike Averill, a fellow marsher, puts out his single trap on the bank of the River Stour for two nights and bags an otter, a mink, a fox, a badger, and geese. Mike has not sent me the badger image. Just how lucky can a person get? I’m sure it’s beginner’s luck, but you have to hand it to him: he has brought… Read More

25th November 2012:

2nd February 2012: Today is the first Thursday of the month and a Wilden Marsh workday. I find it surprising just how quickly the months are ticking by! I don’t want to blink and suddenly find that I’ve missed the photographic delights of spring and summer. The pressure of modern living can soon eat into one’s free time. I will need to make a real effort to stay focused this year. The… Read More