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Spring doesn’t officially arrive until 20th March; I’m excited by the thought the season’s possibilities. The grass is growing strongly for January. Green plants cover poached ground and other recently bare patches of mud and along river banks. Herons are assembling at the heronry for their breeding season, and they are becoming increasingly vocal. Various ground and tree holes around the marsh are being inspected, and cleared out in some cases, by… Read More

January is the peak month of the foxes’ mating season. There is much barking and screaming during evenings on the marsh this month. Throughout last year, I have photographed the marsh foxes hunting as a pair: one worked to keep their prey’s attention, while the other crept-up from behind and made the kill – it is a very effective strategy. The vixen is cautious and timid; the dog fox is brash and… Read More

Red, the north marsh dog fox, calls on the badgers to ask for their help with the Wilden Marsh Christmas preparations. Mr and Mrs Badger appear not to be at home. Red notices fresh badger poo in the latrine outside the sett and thinks the badgers are hiding from him; he rushes back and forth trying to catch them out..

Sunrise: 07.39 Sunset: 05.06 I surveyed Hoo Wood today, an annual activity, to see what has changed over the previous year. February is the best month to do it – when the vegetation has died back as far as it is going to before the new growing season starts. As part of the survey, I tracked the Hoo Wood dog fox to get an idea of his activity. It’s a hard task… Read More