The Wilden Marsh Blog


3rd October 2012:  The marsh badgers are sleeping out at night, as are the foxes and muntjac deer. I see their grass beds as I wander the marsh. I am also seeing a lot of badgers’ poo – great big black piles of it! It might be because I am looking for badger related things at the moment that I am seeing so much of it. I see a fair amount of… Read More

26th June, 2012: I haven’t mentioned the foxes for a while. They are thriving, healthy and very active. I see and hear them most times I’m out on the marsh. I hear the frantic squealing and shrieking of their prey as it’s caught and dispatched. Waiting patiently is usually rewarded with a glimpse of a fox or two; sometimes one will be carrying a kill in its mouth. I captured the image below,… Read More