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Sunrise: 08.18 Sunset: 04.09 This is one of Hoo Wood fox’s lie ups; I’ve watched him in here through my night scope. If he hears me coming, he leaves the lie up and moves up the hill until I have passed by. There is a fox shaped dry area right close to the roots, so I guess he has not been away for long. He probably heard me coming again this morning.

Sunrise: 08.19 Sunset: 04.05 Hoo Wood fox was lurking in his usual place this evening, high up on the bank, 30 metres from the path, in amongst the oak trees. I see him here often; his eyes flashing in the beam of my torch. Normally, with my torch beam squarely on him, he sits tightly rooted to the spot. This evening, though,  he must have decided it was time to investigate the… Read More

Sunrise 06.29 am      Sunset: 07.54 pm

3rd October 2012:  The marsh badgers are sleeping out at night, as are the foxes and muntjac deer. I see their grass beds as I wander the marsh. I am also seeing a lot of badgers’ poo – great big black piles of it! It might be because I am looking for badger related things at the moment that I am seeing so much of it. I see a fair amount of… Read More

26th June, 2012: I haven’t mentioned the foxes for a while. They are thriving, healthy and very active. I see and hear them most times I’m out on the marsh. I hear the frantic squealing and shrieking of their prey as it’s caught and dispatched. Waiting patiently is usually rewarded with a glimpse of a fox or two; sometimes one will be carrying a kill in its mouth. I captured the image below,… Read More

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