The Wilden Marsh Blog


Sunrise: 06.58   Sunset: 05.45 Last summer, at the northern end of the marsh, before the mass tree felling, I selected a small willow thicket to use as living scaffolding for a blind (hide). I cleared the area around it during August and September, and piled the brash close by in preparation for the construction work to be completed before spring of this year. Using long slender willow, alder and birch saplings… Read More

Sunrise: 08.17 Sunset: 04.07 I am walking through the north marsh carrying a rucksack full of tools and four cameras: a 7D with a 150 -500mm lens attached, a 500D with a 60mm macro lens attached, a camera trap, and an iPhone camera. I used only my iPhone to take photographs today. Brilliant sunshine, and a temperature of 6 degrees Centigrade promises a good shrub clearing day. Someone is crashing through the… Read More

Sunrise: 07.20. Sunset: 04.25

Sunrise: 07.18 Sunset: 04.27

Sunrise: 07.47 Sunset: 06.0o Over three evening recently, I worked the marsh by head-torch light; it’s dark by 6.30 pm. Badgers and the north marsh foxes have spent too much time at the living otter holt, so I built a couple of barriers to keep them outside. At the moment, the foxes can still climb into the holt compound if they really tried, but I am banking on them being too lazy,… Read More