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The Middlemarsh vixen is coming to FoxCam every night now, so it looks like she might be planning on staying a while on Wilden Marsh. I followed her tracks in the snow today, and she is meeting up with Red, the north marsh fox. Hopefully, there will be cubs early next year. She is also tracking my progress one the marsh.

Prints in the snow. Whose are these footprints, and where do they go? The Middlemarsh fox found my rice bait within two hours of placing it yesterday afternoon, and the mice took four hours. There are two pairs of courting foxes on the east marsh and I’ve seen one fox on the west side. They are preparing for mating in January.

When I moved OtterCam earlier this week, I had intended setting it up further upstream, but on my was through Middlemarsh I found a fox bed under a tree. I set OtterCam near the fox bed and sprinkled rice around, hoping this would keep the fox in front of the camera for a while. Below is a video of the Middlemarsh fox.

I bumped into the new red dog this evening; just look at that brush!

On my way back through the marsh, I came face to face with foxy again. This fox is new to the marsh and looks in really good condition.

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