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Sunrise: 06.25    Sunset: 07.56 Looking up from checking my emails, I saw a fox pop out from the den/warren I posted about the other night: My camera with a long lens and another camera with a macro lens hung around my neck, as did as my 10 x 50 binoculars; my phone was in my left hand, and the fox stares intently in my direction.  Standing over 100 metres away… Read More

29th March 23013                       Sunrise 05.51 am      Sunset: 06.38 pm I have mentioned in previous posts that foxes are not dullards. They are sometimes called vermin, but are not classified as vermin in the UK. The fox is a primary predator that eats vermin; in particular, it helps control the population of rats, pigeons and other small marsh animals. Foxes… Read More

16th April 2012 : I set up my fox den watching position in an elder tree today, and spent two hours watching this evening. The elder tree was 20 metres from the den and I didn’t see a single fox or cub. In fact, the only thing I saw was a blackbird. I heard a pheasant call, a muntjac bark, and that was it. I even made a few wounded rabbit calls,… Read More