The Wilden Marsh Blog


This is the Hoo Wood fox. His territory is Hoo Wood, Wilden Hill, and the areas around the rocket factory. I think he has held the territory for around three years; he’s very agile and quick on his feet. This fox runs rings around Spike. When Spike chased him one day, the fox turned and performed a slick twisting somersault over the dog, leaving him wondering where the fox had gone. It has not been easy getting… Read More


One of Red Dog’s daughters from 2012. I shot this image just as it was getting dark.

Red seems switched on at the moment. I’m hopeful that there will be a den on the north marsh this year; if not, then maybe somewhere along Hoo Wood hill. Red has caught me hiding under a bush with my camera and a net over my head. A  breeze is blowing from him to me, so I don’t believe he can smell me. I walked carefully around the pasture perimeter to avoid leaving my fresh scent all… Read More