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Sunrise: 07.27. Sunset: 04.19 This little fella thinks he can just mosey down into the den with the mole his dad brought home, but the little female cub has other plans; they end up tumbling down the hill, only to have another cub grab and run off with moley. The mole carcass soon becomes a substitute ball in a six player game of fox cub rugby. The cubs know when a parent… Read More

29th March 23013                       Sunrise 05.51 am      Sunset: 06.38 pm I have mentioned in previous posts that foxes are not dullards. They are sometimes called vermin, but are not classified as vermin in the UK. The fox is a primary predator that eats vermin; in particular, it helps control the population of rats, pigeons and other small marsh animals. Foxes… Read More

14th March 2013. Sunrise 06.25 am      Sunset: 06.12 pm This evening is the beginning of my 2013 fox watching season. The reason it begins today is purely down to foxes being on my mind for most of the week; this evening I made the effort to get things underway. I didn’t spend time up a tree watching a den, or trying to snap fox images. No, I mooched around –… Read More

10th May 2012: The weather app on my phone indicated clear sunny conditions for this evening, so I grabbed my gear and went foxing. I climbed the tree at 6 pm and began rigging the camouflage netting, tree seat and camera lines. It was a warm with a slight breeze, but the weather didn’t really brighten up as much as I had hoped. On a couple of occasions a cub showed its… Read More

9th May 2012: Dad gave me this cuddly toy to play with; you leave it alone, matey!