The Wilden Marsh Blog


Sunrise: 07.55 ¬†Sunset: 04.00 Leaning against a moss-covered tree branch on the river bank today, waiting for the kingfisher to fly by, I noticed it was covered in very small finely lined feathers trembling in the breeze. In among the small feathers, on the moss, were two larger feathers that looked like they might have belonged to a buzzard: clues to what had occurred here earlier. . . .  

9th December 2012: These feathers are the final remnants of a marsh fox kill at the edge of a small copse. They have attracted my eye for at least a month; the bramble thorns have prevented their escape. Now that I have recorded their existence, maybe the brambles will release their grip and allow the feathers to be taken by the howling winds that frequently blow through this area.