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Sunrise: 06.05 Sunset: 08.12

Sunrise: 06.21 Sunset: 08.00 I photographed my first hoverfly of this year, last night.

Sunrise 05.18 am   Sunset: 08.54 pm Eristalis pertinax is a European hoverfly. Like Eristalis tenax, the larva of E. pertinax is a rat-tailed maggot and lives in drainage ditches, pools around manure piles, sewage, and similar places containing water badly polluted with organic matter.

Sunrise 05.20 am   Sunset: 08.52 pm

Sunrise 05.20 am   Sunset: 08.52 pm As I pressed the shutter, this bee stuck its tongue out at me. Huh! A bee with attitude! What next?