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Hoo Brook is blocked by a fallen tree, three hundred metres upstream along the section flowing down the northern edge of Hoo Brook Pasture. The tree fell last year, bridging the north and south banks of the brook. The River Stour water level is low at the moment, as is the brook flowing into it. The fallen tree, and other debris, has formed an effective dam. The difference in water levels, upstream… Read More

Leaving Linda and Mike Averill collecting and bagging plastic bottles on the South Riverside Pasture yesterday afternoon, I went off to inspect the River Stour flowing through the middle and north marshes. The high levels of fast flowing water has scoured the marsh section of the River Stour cleaner than I can remember seeing it in a long while, particularly through north and mid marshes. It seems that Nature has taken things… Read More

The River Stour was in big flood yesterday, as opposed to being in great flood. In a big flood, River Stour waters trickle over its bank onto the marsh. In a great flood, the waters gush over the riverbanks and turn much of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve into a series of lakes. Marsh flooding is not a problem because it’s a natural floodplain and flooding is a natural event. What’s really nasty,… Read More