The Wilden Marsh Blog


It’s on mornings such as this, that nature reveals its beauty.

. . .Walking towards the beach, I came across the badger prints again. I could see where they had been foraging. This time I followed them along the beach. They have done a fair bit of digging in the sand. Tufts of fur scattered around suggested mating. I followed their paw prints to the  Wilden Lane gate, crossed the road and entered the field opposite. It took a while, but I eventually tracked… Read More

1st December 2012: This cormorant is perched on a power lines crossing the river, waiting for a fish to swim by.

8th September 2012: This lone cormorant has sat in the same position on a overhead power-line over the River Stour since it arrived on the marsh five weeks ago. I think it is patiently awaiting the arrival of its cormorant mates. There are usually around six cormorant overwintering on the marsh.