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This is the edge of a small wood taking up half the area of a high and dry safe field alongside Wilden Lane. When in residence, the cattle spend their nights sheltering in the wood and their days grazing out in the open. This is also the field in which the cows and calves are placed when they are ill, and where they are TB tested. A vicious wind blows from the west through the wood, and across the open grazing area… Read More

Still can’t get to the river bank to finish that bit of willow coppicing.

There is still too much flood water at the southern end of the North Pond Chain; finishing the willow coppicing at its outflow into the River Stour will have to wait again. I felled the last 3 of a 30 plus stand of tall alders growing along the stock fence in the northern corridor, and dressed the remaining stools instead. I’m leaving the twin alder for now (in the  centre of the first… Read More

Sunrise: 05. 31   Sunset: 08.41 This willow coppice stool was cut early this year, and the new shoots have sprouted 300mm in the last 3 weeks.  

Sunrise: 05. 34   Sunset: 08.38 I spent this afternoon dressing coppice stools. The area I worked was a tangled mess of overgrown coppice at the start of this year, when we began cutting. I wanted the willows cut and stacked, the brash burnt as soon as possible, and I would return to dress the stools later. Today was the day, but I have to say that I had not planned the… Read More