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I guess you’d think my biggest fear with putting camera traps out on the marsh would be them being stolen; well, it isn’t! I can’t set up camera traps anywhere the cattle are able to roam: they will find and most likely trash them, as I have shown with a previous video post. It’s not only the marsh cattle that don’t like being filmed, other animals living on the marsh feel similarly…. Read More

Apples appear in many religious traditions, often as a mystical or forbidden fruit. One of the problems identifying apples in religion, mythology and folktales is that the word “apple” was used as a generic term for all (foreign) fruit, other than berries, including nuts, as late as the 17th century. For instance, in Greek mythology, the Greek hero Heracles, as a part of his Twelve Labours, was required to travel to the Garden of… Read More

The Crossroads is a place on Wilden Marsh where a number of animal tracks cross. This video shows some of the camera trap action occurring there:

OtterCam recorded 60 minutes of video last night, featuring these animals. If I had wanted to capture this much nighttime content of these beasts, I think it unlikely that I would be able to do it.

Hartlebury Common is a nature reserve at the Stourport end of Wilden Lane, a quarter of a mile from Wilden Marsh. Longhorn conservation cattle keep the grass down here. 

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