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It’s that time again! Today, 9th March, is the beginning of the toad mating season on Wilden Marsh. Last night was my first toad-watching evening of this year, and I didn’t see a single toad. Soon, though, maybe tonight, an advance party of toads will begin their slow march from hiding places in the Lagoon Field to congregate in puddles and small pools around North Pond. When the puddles and small pools… Read More

The skin of a toad doesn’t taste nice. A heron will turn a toad inside out to eat its internals, and here’s the proof. Is this evidence of problem solving?

The sky above Wilden Marsh was dark but clear this evening. A large, bright, full moon crept above Hoo Wood Hill, taking the edge off the darkness as I walked along the Northern Corridor. Every pond, puddle, and water filled scrape was awash with toads. My head and hand torches were essential to avoid stepping on them. So the toad breeding season is well underway on Wilden Marsh.

Sunrise: 06.14 Sunset: 06.20

Sunrise: 06.19 Sunset: 06.17 Female toads have arrived, and North Pond is churning this evening. As I switched my head torch to full beam, hundreds of little bright flashing eyes stared back at me. Obviously,  the female toads waited for a full moon to make their entrance.

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