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Marigold’s calf, Rowena, has her new horns poking through.

Familiarity breeds contempt, and Terry Bull has a look about him that says he has his eye on me. He will test me before too long. Earlier in the week I followed a vixen through the South Riverside Pasture. I could only move when the fox had its back to me. I was wearing a green cagoule with its spacious hood pulled tightly over my head and my hands deep in its… Read More

The marsh herd of fifteen cattle (cows, bullocks and a bull) are grazing the south entrance section and Hillary Road field. They have only been in these compartments for six days and are already pressurising me to let them into the South Riverside Pasture. I think I have been too generous with them recently. When I walk anywhere near, they bellow, moo and nag me to open the gate. Rose, the black… Read More

Last year we had Billy Bull service the Widen Marsh cows: a strong feisty character and afraid of nothing. The first time I set eyes on Billy Bull he was charging, head down, like a steam train to challenge me and assert his dominance. A sharp slap across his nose stopped him dead in his tracks and prevented our first meeting from moving in a direction I had no wish for it… Read More

This is Jill and her calf, Jess. Jess is almost as big as her mother now and she is still suckling, The image shows Jess moving her head just in time to miss a colossal kick from her mother.