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Sunrise: 04.52 Sunset: 09.34 We don’t want your thistles, nettles and grass. We want Himalayan balsam! We are mad for it! If you don’t get us more balsam, there WILL be trouble. Be warned!   

Sunrise: 04.50 Sunset: 09.35 (9 images. Click to enlarge) Being short of time yesterday, I wasn’t able to search out the cattle, so I went down to Hoo Brook Pasture today to find them. As yesterday, there wasn’t a sign of them when I arrived and the amount of balsam eaten had not increased either. I found and walked down a cut in the dense wall of nine feet high balsam that… Read More

Sunrise: 04.47 Sunset: 09.35 The northern ends of the Riverside Pasture, the Swamp, and Hoo Wood Pasture, are bordered by Hoo Brook. Rare breed cattle have worked in the Swamp and along the Riverside Pasture eating Himalayan balsam for the past three weeks. This morning they moved out of the Riverside Pasture, its gates closed, and the gates to Hoo Brook pasture and the Northern Corral opened. Hoo Brook Pasture is densely… Read More

Sunrise: 04.46 Sunset: 09.33 The cow in this image is up to her shoulders in vegetation,  but the vegetation is stinging nettles. The cattle are eating the Himalayan balsam in preference to nettles and grass.

Sunrise: 04.48 Sunset: 09.30