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Blossom separated from the herd on Wednesday, so I knew she was about to give birth or her calf had already arrived. I searched the area that evening and found nothing. I searched yesterday and this morning, but again found nothing. On other occasions, cows have taken me to see their newborns. Blossom didn’t show the interest I was expecting, but I felt sure the calf had arrived. This morning Blossom was within a few metres of the… Read More


Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve and SSSI is again under threat from developers. At the southern end of the Reserve, close to Wilden Village, permission was granted a few years ago to use a small area immediately adjacent to the SSSI as a scrapyard, and to facilitate this decision the SSSI status of the marsh entrance section was removed. Wilden Marsh is not an entity existing on its own, it is fed from… Read More

  Here is further IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT OF THE LAGOON FIELD ALONGSIDE WILDEN MARSH NATURE RESERVE AND SSSI:    This document was submitted by the owner’s agent in support of their proposal to build industrial units and residential housing on the Lagoon Field. You can make a straw poll vote here: Lagoon Field Development Straw poll. Here!