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Today has been a Wilden Marsh Volunteer Workday, and we worked the same area as the cattle: the southern marsh entrance. It poured with rain at the start of the day, cleared up for a while and then rained, on and off, throughout the afternoon. The cattle avoided us most of the day, but as soon as the volunteer day ended and I was left working on my own, they paid me a visit.  I saw… Read More

Either of these could have been responsible for the splashing I have heard in the River Stour.

Three times this week, when walking past a particular tree lined spot on the river bank, something jumped into the river. I’ve not managed to see what it is, so I set up a camera trap last evening to find out….

Most of cattle were asleep when I arrived on the Riverside Pasture this morning. Rose lay on her own, as usual. I thought Wayne the Galloway was dead; he lay on his side and appeared bloated. Thankfully he was sleeping. Waynetta the Galloway was lying down with Billy Bull. Billy Bull, Wayne and Waynetta stood when they saw me. Billy sniffed Waynetta’s rear end and whimpered softly: he’s in love. The cattle have completed… Read More

I’ve not been very complimentary about this year’s herd, because they’ve not performed well enough…until now! If the cattle were putting on a bit of a show for me last evening, it was a good effort and an excellent performance! They were grazing in the north corral, as they’ve done for around an hour every evening this week, before settling down in Hoo Brook Pasture for the night. I stood at the gate watching them; they… Read More