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16th May 2012: There were gaggles of Canada geese on the marsh today, where they came from I don’t know. The honking was terrible, loud, persistent and annoying. I did see a few gosling though. I would like to say that the  geese came to the marsh because it was quiet, but quiet it wasn’t.

7th May 2012:  

6th May 2012:

28th April 2012: It was  cold, dark, and wet today. Only the hardy animals and me were out on the marsh. North Pond is full of water, no doubt aided by the River Stour breaking it’s banks the other night. A lot of rubbish has been flushed down the river, but there is still too much debris strewn along the banks. There were hundreds of swallows zooming, ducking and diving all over the extreme southern end… Read More

23rd April 2012: I can personally guarantee that this intruder alarm is the best on the market. It’s not a new product; it’s been about for quite a long time. It incorporates an intelligent state-of-the-art biological processor and believe me, it is pretty much fool-proof. Get within 100 metres of this baby and it gives out one of the most annoyingly loud honking alarm sounds I have ever encountered, which is virtually impossible… Read More