Stay away from my eggs, mister, or I will see you off!

Sunrise: 05.59 Sunset: 08.18

I’m tripping over ground nests, eggs, goslings and ducklings on the marsh today, walking on eggs shells left by predators.


Stay away from my eggs, mister, or I will see you off!


Goose eggs, anyone?


I said stay away from my eggs, mister! I won’t tell you again! Here comes my mate, he’ll sort you out!

South Pond.

Sunrise 06.46 am      Sunset: 07.42 pm

The Canada goose couple I photographed last week, after three sluice boards had been fitted, are still waiting for the water in the south pond to rise. It has risen six inches, and I think the geese are registering squatter’s rights.

IMG_77891ST  APRIL 2013IMG_77791ST  APRIL 2013

Bird Nesting Season.

28th March 23013                      

Sunrise 05.51 am      Sunset: 06.38 pm

The UK bird nesting season started on March 1st and ends 31st July. It’s time to raise the  marsh water levels to attract the wading birds. The first of the south marsh sluice boards were fitted yesterday, and more are to be installed next week.

The Canada geese have already noticed that the South Pond water level is rising, and have formed a queuing. As the sluice boards were being fitted, two swans flew overhead.

We have cleared the water drainage ditch that runs from the orchid field down to the South Pond; the swans spend a lot of time swimming and grazing the weeds up and down this ditch.

IMG_774229TH  MARCH 2013 IMG_773129TH  MARCH 2013 IMG_470829TH  MARCH 2013