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6th October 2012:

4th October 2012:

3rd October 2012:  The marsh badgers are sleeping out at night, as are the foxes and muntjac deer. I see their grass beds as I wander the marsh. I am also seeing a lot of badgers’ poo – great big black piles of it! It might be because I am looking for badger related things at the moment that I am seeing so much of it. I see a fair amount of… Read More

1st October 2012: I am busily mapping the nighttime movements of badgers at the moment, or should I say that I am hoping to map the nighttime movements of badgers. My camera traps haven’t caught any badgers yet. I’ve initially restricted my monitoring to one particular place on the marsh: an animal crossroad, if you like. In an attempt to avoid attracting every animal living on the marsh to my camera traps, I am not… Read More

(Click on images to enlarge) 24th November 2011: Following Dave’s and The Wildlife Man’s comments on my previous post, requesting information about remote cameras: Remote cameras, trail cams, camera traps, or whatever you prefer to call them, are specialized automatic cameras triggered by a in-built proximity sensor, or multiple sensors. The camera traps can shoot still and video images in darkness and in daylight, without the need to alter physical camera settings…. Read More