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I shot this image earlier, an hour before sunset, whilst checking the cattle. The sky looked heavy, like a deluge might descend on the marsh at any moment, but it didn’t happen. The heronry was unusually quiet. Shining a torch on the bottom of the pond revealed a carpet of stationary toads waiting patiently for darkness. Shining a torch over the pond at 9pm would most likely light-up many hundred pairs of… Read More

I found Buttercup with a new calf in North Pasture this morning. I think it was born 6/7th February. It’s name will be Nia, if it’s a girl, or Andrew. I’m awaiting the arrival of a belted Galloway calf, and I’m wondering what to call it. I’m not keen on Frogmella, Canoe, or Spudulika.

Five of the Wilden Marsh herd arrived back on the marsh today, having enjoyed a two month holiday at Chaddesley Wood: Wayne and Waynetta Galloway, and Tulip, Jill, and Buttercup Shetland. Other cattle will arrive when the new growing season starts.

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