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26th September 2012: The rain stopped for long enough to enable Brenda and David to remove the honey bees and their nest from the hawthorn tree, and to place them in a covered wooden container specially made for a situation such as this. In the box went the bees, their nest and a section of the branch it was attached to. The bees were very good; they didn’t sting me or David. Brenda,… Read More

24th September 2012: The weather over the last two days has been horrendous. It has rained very heavily for twenty-four hours. Not a long time, but long enough to, more or less, fill pools and ponds that had been previously emptied. On Sunday morning, I was walking across a dried-up southern pool, and a pond opposite the scrap yard, checking-out the various animal foot prints. In the afternoon, the rain came down in… Read More

23rd September 2012: It was pouring with rain when I arrived at the nest early this afternoon. The bees were huddled on the southern and western sides and in between the combs, out of the driving rain. This presented an opportunity to photograph the naked comb structure. There were still many bees leaving and arriving on and from their pollen gathering runs. There wasn’t a lot of activity from the bees that remained on… Read More

19th September 2012: I am not happy with the images in my previous two bee nest related posts. It has not been easy to achieve decent results with my 150 – 500 mm Sigma lens. I might be more successful if I photographed the nest in low early morning sunshine. Anyway, I decided to have a go with my 60 mm macro lens this evening, which necessitated my getting closer to the seething… Read More

17th September 2012: I took a few more shots of the bee nest today, just in case someone or something destroys it. I moved in quite close to the nest and bees were buzzing around my head, but none attacked or stung me.