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It’s another day on the marsh, and I’m about to cross the small concrete bridge over Hoo Book, from Hoo Brook Pasture, on my way to the new nature area along the River Stour, immediately north of Wilden Marsh. If the resident troll tries any of his nonsense this morning, barring my way and threatening to eat me, my size 12 wellie will help him on his way downstream whether he wants to… Read More

I guess you’d think my biggest fear with putting camera traps out on the marsh would be them being stolen; well, it isn’t! I can’t set up camera traps anywhere the cattle are able to roam: they will find and most likely trash them, as I have shown with a previous video post. It’s not only the marsh cattle that don’t like being filmed, other animals living on the marsh feel similarly…. Read More

If you have trouble viewing this vid, you can watch it on YouTube here.

Sunrise: 06.39 am   Sunset: 07.32 Well, autumn is fast approaching; I think it begins around 21st September. Leaves are dropping. Squirrels are throwing acorns at me, and the lovely warmth of late has given way to much cooler, wetter weather. Daylight is being lost at a rate of around 4 minutes each day, and the marsh vegetation is receding. Preparations for the nature reality show “Night time on Wilden Marsh” are… Read More

Sunrise 05.44 am   Sunset: 08.30 pm I am downloading images from my camera trap memory cards. Here is an image of Mr. and Mrs. Badger returning home from an evening out.

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