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This is Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve’s newest badger sett. It is not the most salubrious of setts and is likely the home of a low-status bachelor badger. Dug in the open under low trees and surrounded by copious amounts of cow dung, the attraction must be ultra reasonable ground rent. I can’t see a self-respecting female badger being interested in nursing her cubs here. No warm sunsets for this sett’s occupier; it’s… Read More

Sunrise 06.00 am   Sunset: 08.16 pm When I found the freshly dug hole on Wednesday, I knew it had been dug by a badger, or badgers, and I knew it was needed to accommodate a growing badger colony. However, I have a thing about holes in the ground. I can’t accept that it’s just a hole in the ground; I have to know what dug it, when it was dug, and why… Read More