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Three times this week, when walking past a particular tree lined spot on the river bank, something jumped into the river. I’ve not managed to see what it is, so I set up a camera trap last evening to find out….

I found a badger’s lair on the marsh earlier this week, in the middle of a thick gorse bush. The badger has created a warm and cosy living space in the bush, so I setup a camera trap within it. This video is one of twelve one minute long clips recorded by the trap. Badgers have many such lairs on the marsh, and in Hoo Wood. Today I fitted a close-up lens to the camera… Read More

This badger visited OtterCam 15 times during last night and this morning. Mind you, OtterCam might have been visited by 15 different badgers overnight; they all look the same to me.

Last year we improved Hoobrook Pasture, by removing most of the invasive trees and scrub. We were rewarded with an invasion of Himalayan balsam early this year. Although the cattle ate the balsam, my camera traps recorded minimal animal activity, until now: 40 minutes of fox and badger activity was recorded on Thursday night/Friday morning.

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