28th April 2012:

It was  cold, dark, and wet today. Only the hardy animals and me were out on the marsh.

North Pond is full of water, no doubt aided by the River Stour breaking it’s banks the other night. A lot of rubbish has been flushed down the river, but there is still too much debris strewn along the banks.

There were hundreds of swallows zooming, ducking and diving all over the extreme southern end of the marsh. It was a marvelous spectacle. The swallows were flying around and at me. I tried to photograph them, but it was almost impossible to get an auto-focus lock on them, they were so quick and agile.

Wood Anemone.

28th April 2012:

28th April 2012:



28th April 2012:I know mallards are common, but I like them. The current weather is excellent for ducks. I must admit that would like some sunny weather, but I must not complain. The marsh water levels are high, which is a good thing as far as I am concerned, and sunny weather will arrive before too long.

One legged mallard.

27th April 2012:

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