CONSERVATION GRAZING: I let the Wilden Marsh pedigree herd of Shetland and belted Galloway conservation cows out of North Riverside Pasture and into Hoo Brook Pasture this morning. The cattle have been moaning at me for the past week. I have finally named the new, brown with white underneath, little cow Minnie Moo because this is what she has: a mini moo.

(Please click the image to watch the video)

(Please click on the image to watch the video)

A familiar perennial of open woodland, woodland rides and hedgerows. I photographed this example in Hoo Wood this evening. The flower has five white notched petals on slender rough-edged stems. The leaves are narrow, fresh green, rough-edged and grass-like. They can grow to a height of 50cms, and flower from April to June.


Otter on River Stour last night. 07/05/2021.

(Please click the image to watch the video)

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