The vegetation grows thick and fast during the growing season on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve; it can easily hide our herd of rare breed cattle. The marsh badgers usually run for the hills and their summer setts in June: it is easier for them to forage there. They return to their marsh setts in October and November for the winter. This year, I have tried to encourage the cattle to graze around the marsh setts, and the badgers seem happy enough with my efforts to stay put for now. All the marsh setts are occupied, and new ones are under construction.

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Yesterday’s activity at one of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve’s many badger setts. The badgers rarely leave their setts before 9 pm.

As well as the usual mixture of birds at the otter latrine yesterday, there was a daylight otter and a Siberian hamster.

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I counted 1086 southern marsh orchids growing in North Pasture today, and ended up covered in grass pollen.

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