Sunset Over Wilden Marsh


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Heron Coming In

The heronry trees are greening-up and it wont be long before most of the nests are hidden.

IMG_9944 (2) 16

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Heron Landing At The Heronry

The very thin willow branches don’t look strong enough to support a heron, but they are.

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Tulip’s Last Supper

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The Vixen Outside Her Den Again 17/03/2017

I’ve moved BadgerCam away from the densett for a few weeks.

All the animals visiting this den, muntjac deer, badgers, foxes and the calves, seem to be eating the dirt immediately outside the den entrance. I checked the soil yesterday and this morning and found nothing edible in it.

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Goosander Pair

A nice goosander pair photographed on Wilden Marsh by Mike Averill the other day.

IMG_0082 Female Goosander -Wilden 16


IMG_0080 Male Goosander Wilden 16


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Flowering Currant

I look forward to the flowering currant blooms in Hoo Wood, they are one of the first bright colours of spring.

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