North Pond

The Northern Corridor

The Otter Pond

The Very Fierce Mink’s Pool

Yesterday, I placed a camera trap on the Island where I saw a large American mink chasing another large American mink along the riverbank on 7th March. I changed the memory card this morning. This video shows a mink, river otter, and the promise and vibrancy of the second day of spring.

The marsh cattle have returned from their four weeks jolly to Blackstone Reserve after the “Great Flood.” Waynetta is still lead cow, and the herd has settled in nicely. There is not a lot of grass around for the cattle to eat, but it is growing steadily now.

One of my camera traps captured a muntjac deer and fox last night at the marsh badger setts. The fox might have exited an old sett under the tree on the righthand side of the frame. I have a feeling the vixen is using a disused sett chamber as her birthing den.

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