Yesterday evening I tied a camera to a boundary stock fence and pointed it at a small piece of undergrowth outside the reserve; to see what passed the lens overnight. Here is what it saw:

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This is Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve’s newest badger sett. It is not the most salubrious of setts and is likely the home of a low-status bachelor badger. Dug in the open under low trees and surrounded by copious amounts of cow dung, the attraction must be ultra reasonable ground rent. I can’t see a self-respecting female badger being interested in nursing her cubs here. No warm sunsets for this sett’s occupier; it’s a dark, dismal place devoid of direct sunlight throughout the day and year. I have to say that it’s a busy, rowdy, and somewhat shabby area. All the best badger sett locations are taken and have sitting tenants in residence, so I expect it is a matter of “beggars can’t be choosers”.

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BadgerCam watched Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve’s Badger Sett Entrance No.5 yesterday and overnight, and what I would really like to video a badger family here. BadgerCam is watching the latest or newest marsh badger set today and overnight. There are many more sett entrances to video before I capture all the marsh badger population, and this is providing they don’t leave for their summer setts higher up along the valley sides before I have finished.

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BadgerCam has been looking at Wilden Marsh badger sett entrance No. 4 for the last couple of days and nights. The sett is long-established and occupied by many busy badgers; it is hidden from view by tall, thick vegetation. If you didn’t know it was here, it is unlikely you would suspect its existence. There is no sign of pathways to or from the sett unless you look very carefully in the right place.

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Yesterday around a Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve Badger sett.

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