King of the Marsh: 4 Year Old Brutus

King of the marsh: 4 year old Brutus 

Having successfully dominated Wayne Galloway, Brutus Shetland is beginning to believe he can dominate me too… well, we’ll see about that boyo! 

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A Winter Aaron’s Rod Plant


A winter Aaron’s rod plant

This furry-looking plant is Aaron’s rod (Thermopsis villosa) sporting substantial soft rubefacient leaves that you certainly don’t want to wipe your bum with in a midde of a woodland emergency: they are an irritant. Your cheeks will acquire a rosy glow if rubbed with one of these leaves, hence it being called Quaker’s rouge in the days when Quaker women were not allowed to wear makeup.

Also known as great mullein, the leaves were used as shoe inserts for warmth and acquired many other common names such as: beggar’s blanket and beggar’s flannel.

The leaves contain rotenone, which has insecticide properties; they were dried and used as lamp wickes, fire lighters, and the stalks dipped in suet for use as candles.

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Succulent Fungus Breaking Down a Tree Stump

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It’s Surprising what makes its way Upstream to the Boatyard at Stourport

I guess this might be another historic boat awaiting repair and restoration.

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Somewhere to Live and Dream on the River Severn at Stourport

I have walked past this boat moored on the River Severn close to Stourport many times over the years. I often wonder if its owner dreams of travelling to distant parts aboard it. What a great project and adventure it would be.

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Vinegar Building at Stourport-on-Severn

The Vinegar Building at the confluence of the Rivers Severn and Stour at Stourport-on-Severn.

This is an historical building I particularly like. It’s the last of the vinegar factory buildings to survive, and stands on the banks of the Rivers Stour and Severn at the point where they converge – just out of sight in the previous post image.

Vinegar Building

I would like to see this building converted to a canal museum.

For more historical information go here:

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Confluence of the Rivers Stour and Severn at Stourport-on-Severn

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