Recording daylight badger nature videos

Trying to record decent daylight badger videos on Widen Marsh Nature Reserve is not without its problems. What I want are three captivating nature backdrops and bright sunny days. Once I have these, I need badgers in front of the camera trap in daylight doing their natural thing. Since the marsh badgers are indoors until dusk and back in bed before dawn, I have to be inventive. Recording at the setts is impractical, so, somehow, I have to entice the badgers out of their setts into early or late sunshine.
Last evening I pondered the problem and thought food might be the answer. I rummaged through my shoulder bag, which contains everything camera trapping related, for peanuts or peanut butter: I had none. I did have beef flavoured dry rice nuts, but these would attract hordes of mice, and I would end up with a hundred or more fifteen-second long video clips I didn’t want. I also had various scents for spreading on trees, but none likely to tempt badgers. So, in the end, I dug up a few handfuls of old acorns and spread them around in front of the camera trap.
I didn’t attract a single badger with this ploy, but a vixen came along and had an acorn feast. So it’s back to the drawing board and further deep thought!
There were 78 fifteen-second video clips of Red Dog and his vixen on BadgerCam’s memory card this morning. It’s quite a while since I have had a good look at him. I guess the vixen told him about the acorns. Red Dog has the look of a wolf about him.
(Please click on the image to watch the video)

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