Large Otter Paw Prints on a Deer Track

I found large otter pawprints on a deer track along the riverbank, so I put an overnight camera trap there yesterday in the hope of catching it – a long shot in the dark! Today, I set up a camera trap pointing at a hole in the ground that might be the vixen’s birthing den.
(Click on the image to see the video)

3 Comments on “Large Otter Paw Prints on a Deer Track

  1. I watched a similar deer last Thursday 11/3/21 on the bank between the new houses and Falling Sands Lock. It left up a track to the west. That would have been midday. Yesterday on the marsh land over the river from the same lock another deer was grazing at 5:30 pm. This one had horns. The left horn maybe 6 inches long and the right half that.


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