The weather has been perishing with Jack Frost nipping at my un-gloved fingers the past two days on South Riverside Pasture.
Most mated vixens will be pregnant by now. The south and north marsh vixens are busily checking out old and new denning sites. They like to have a few options available should a den become compromised; a vixen doesn’t need much encouragement to move her cubs to a new location if she senses a threat. Fox cubs are born mid-March and likely to appear above ground in mid-April when weaned.
I recorded a few South Riverside Pasture video views whilst mooching along the riverbank, mostly with the cattle in tow. They made a terrible racket asking for access to Hillary Road Field.
The herons have started their breeding season at the heronry; the marsh toads will arrive at North Pond for their’s mid-March, and southern marsh orchids will be above ground mid-May. There is much to look forward to coming up.

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