An impromptu decision led me to experiment with a new tactic for moving the herd from North Pasture to South Riverside Pasture. A week or so ago, I continuously called and whistled to encourage the cattle to follow me to the safety of higher ground when the River Stour broke its banks and flooded the marsh.
The move today is not urgent; nothing will be lost if the experiment fails. However, if successful, it might result in a smoother, quieter and less stress full method of leading the cattle around the marsh. I doubt it will stop me shouting a whistling when I need the herd to hurry in an emergency though.
So the experimental tactic involves taking the herd from North Marsh, through Middle Marsh, to South Marsh in silence. Let’s see if it works!
(Click on the image to see the video)
If you are having problems watching the video by clicking on the photograph, please click here.


      • That did it, Mike, as does your in-blog link that you corrected. Thanks.

        I’m not surprised the cows followed you, nosy is their middle name. I did find it interesting that Brutus passed you when he saw that open gate–follow you until something better comes along! And wow you have a lot of mud–is that leftover from the recent flooding?


      • Thanks, Ellen. The cattle will follow me anywhere if they think I might lead them to better grazing.

        The mud is due to the area being very wet and, yes, the recent floods have not helped.


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