Calves are Expected in August or September

The Rangers contacted me to say they were trailering two cows to the Northern Corral this morning: a shetland and a belted Galloway; both have been with the bull, so calves are expected in August or September.
I introduced the newcomers to the herd this afternoon. The Shetland cow is Rose, a longterm member of the marsh herd, she was seconded to other local reserves a few months ago. Rose has such a loud, piercing bellow I can hear her from my home.
The new belted Galloway should have arrived a few months ago with Bonnie and Clyde, but the trailer freaked her out so much the Rangers decided not to load her.
Within half an hour of arrival, Rose took control and moved the herd further into the swamp. Brutus shouted in protest, but the cattle ignored him. He slunk to a corner of the swamp in a huff and turned his back on them.
(Click on the photo to see the video)

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