Brutus has changed!

Earlier this year I considered Brutus an uncontrollable and spiteful rebel. My opinion has changed: I now believe him to be a decent lead beast – at least as good as Waynetta. He picks up quickly on commands and interacts positively – at least with me. I noticed a compliant trait develop and have tried to reinforce it. I’ve also wagged my finger at him and said “No!” sternly whenever he has energetically wagged his horns at me – it seems to have worked! I’m not suggesting Brutus is smarter than the average cow, far from it, but it is an interesting and unexpected change in behaviour. Caution is always the best policy around Brutus, so my advice is still not to try stoking him; he has very sharp horns and knows how to use them. 😉

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    • There are people who will stroke cattle, Geo. I’ve not stroked Brutus: quickly touching his nose at arm’s is my greeting; I whistle first, though, so he knows who I am.

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