A 5-minute zoom through a couple of marsh sections.

We are in lockdown in the UK, So I decided to spend time in my marsh hide after I had checked on the cattle. Unfortunately, it was very quiet today. The only things I could see moving were the cattle and me. A few cormorants were hunched-up on a powerline looking like the end of the world is nigh. Away in the distance, perched in a tree along the canal towpath, a lonely buzzard called for company. I didn’t see a single mallard, but I did hear the gaggle of Canada geese who are confused and believe spring is just around the corner.

I resorted to making a five-minute video of me zooming through a couple of marsh sections on my way to check the cattle. I think you will have to agree, if you watch this video, my social distancing is excellent!

3 Comments on “A 5-minute zoom through a couple of marsh sections.

  1. Thank you Michael for a nice hike through the wild marsh. The video gives a good overview of your own “foster child” and the good contact with the cattle. It looks a bit cold but you seem to be in good spirits so there are probably no problems.

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