5 New Homes For Wilden Marsh

5 NEW HOMES FOR WILDEN MARSH: Work has started on five new green minimalist homes for Wilden Marsh; further development on this site is likely. Ground excavation began two weeks ago and is progressing well. Traditional multi-function homes with split level construction will blend sympathetically with the vibrant urban nature setting requirements for this Site of Special Scientific Interest.

160,000 badgers have been culled since 2013, with 35,000 killed last year and 62,000 are scheduled to be destroyed this year, I find it pleasing and exciting that badger activity on Wilden Marsh is now greater than I have witnessed in over eleven years. The five new badger setts, and these are in just one small area of the marsh, indicate that this reserve is considered a safe place to breed and lay down roots by many of our local fauna and flora. I think it important that common and rare wildlife have dedicated protected areas in which to live and flourish, in these days of trouble, strife, pollution and global warming.

Our local urban wildlife reserves need regular maintenance if we are to attract, keep, save our local wildlife. Much of the practical maintenance of our wildlife reserves is carried out by volunteers. We don’t have enough practical support. So, if you have time to help protect our declining wildlife, please contact your local Wildlife Trust to volunteer and make a donation if you can.

This video shows the busy overnight activity outside the first of the new setts.

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  1. We can not have too many nature reserves. The only problem is that not enough budget is set aside to maintain protection. Hats off to all the volunteers, a huge job that society does not appreciate enough.

  2. Great video! Utterly shameful that we are rolling out more badger killing – especially as Johnson declared early in the year that the cull was being cut back. Ir was then extended. Typical example of ‘say one thing do another’ that we’ve have come to expect from this government.

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