It’s High Time I Named the Two New Belted Galloway Additions to the Herd

The herd are well into their winter grazing program, and the new belties have taken to it like petrol to flames. Just look at them devouring the tough grass around South Pool.

It’s time I named the newcomers. I can’t keep referring to them as the new belties. I have had time to evaluate the characters and have experienced their escapades. They are turning out to be little terrors, in the nicest possible way. These likeable beasts might well turn out to be worthy replacements for Wayne and Waynetta. The names I’m thinking of are, Bonnie and Clyde.

7 Comments on “It’s High Time I Named the Two New Belted Galloway Additions to the Herd

    • They will not recognise their names. I name cattle to differentiate the beasts when taking and writing about them. Each cow and bullock has been allocated an individual identification number for management purposes.


      • Thank you! My children are always asking how our dog knew his name, I guess he’s a lot more aware and spoken to. 🙂


      • Yes! I rarely use the cattle’s individual names when I interact with them.

        The cattle recognise me and my whistle, they know I open gates for them, they come when called, they show me any newborn calves they have hidden away, and that about it in terms of their interaction with me. Sometimes they like being stroked.


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