The Young Belties’ Second Day on the Marsh.

I checked on the new belties this evening. They seem to have slipped right into the herd’s hierarchy without a problem. Tulip has assumed the mother role, and it looks like Brutus thinks he’s the daddy. The youngsters appear to be getting on with all the herd members. I guess the belties are settling-in just fine.

4 Comments on “The Young Belties’ Second Day on the Marsh.

    • Animals often react to my whistle. I have been trying to get the foxes to react, but without success. The trick is to keep trying. One day I will whistle from a gate, and all sorts of marsh animals might turn up. 🙂

    • It is not uncommon for owls to answer my whistles on dark evenings. Sometimes I have whistled the cattle just after sunset and set off a cacophony of animal calls. 🙂

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