Look What I have: A Couple of Young Conservation Belties!

Two new and very young belted Galloway cattle joined the marsh conservation herd today: a boy and a girl. It’s their first time out in the wider world. They are very skittish, but Tulip is looking after them so they’ll be ok. I went to find them this evening. When Tulip and Jess saw me walking through the Swamp, they rushed in amongst the trees and brought the belties into the open of me to see. It must be quiet a shock for these youngsters to be scooped up from the farm and deposited in the long, thick marsh vegetation without a please or thank you. Fortunately, it’s me the Galloways are afraid of; they have already settled well into the herd with the other members quickly forming a protective bond. Tulip and Jess attend and herd the newcomers as expertly as any cattle dog.

2 Comments on “Look What I have: A Couple of Young Conservation Belties!

  1. It seems that they have adapted well to the new environment. Clearly, they seem to turn to each other. The addition of the herd seems to be needed when you see the fast growing and tall grass.

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